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★ Hello! I'm Lyns, 23, animation graduate and freelance comicker, and I love BBC's Merlin. I'm still mostly on LJ right now, but I thought I'd better start getting comfortable here on DW as well. <3

★ LINKS LiveJournal | Tumblr | Merlin fanart Tumblr | AO3 | deviantART
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Hey, Guys! I also have a Dreamwidth account: [personal profile] mushroomtaleI'm not going anywhere just yet, but add me anyway! I don't want to lose everyone from this corner of the fandom in the event of a diaspora. 


Banner by [ profile] fuckyeah

Come celebrate the Holidays with us Merlin style at [ profile] camelot_drabble

As if this actually needed another plug, haha! I couldn't resist though, I mean, I could stare at this all day long. It's kind of hypnotizing... and I need for this to be on my front page for a while.

I've just finished my [ profile] merlin_holidays and am feeling stupidly pleased about how things worked out for my [ profile] merlinreversebb. *pumps fist* I've also cleared out my schedule for the CG classes I'll be taking from December to February. By that time, S5 will have ended, but I'll still definitely draw Merlin for practice... and there are also other other plans. Oh, yes.

My point being: I could probably squeeze in a few drawbles on the side -- I really want to. <3

And I can't wait for [ profile] uni_merlin to get posting!
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For [ profile] nympha_alba's [ profile] merlinbb_rpf fic, The Waiting That Happens In The Space Between. All artworks in this entry have been embedded into the fic, so you won't miss anything even if you take a detour now! <3

Title: The Waiting That Happens In The Space Between
Artist: [ profile] mushroomtale
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Bradley x Colin
Warnings: spoilers
Summary: All that was long ago, and when Merlin wraps, Colin finds himself waiting for something that may never happen.
Disclaimer: The title and chapter headers of this story are taken from poems by Richard Siken.
Notes: I'm probably a 'closet shipper' because of all the reasons you don't ship real people, but then how impossibly cute are B and C together? [ profile] nympha_alba went and borrowed these beautiful, beautiful quotes from Richard Siken to go with her fic -- as if it weren't heartbreaking enough! -- and it wasn't long before images started to flit around in my head. <3

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On Tumblr and AO3.

PS. [ profile] kitty_fic wrote an excellent little micro-drabble to fix my [ profile] merlin_horror entry Shattered! <3

Just as Arthur is so broken and completely wrecked with grief, sobbing over Merlin's body and unsure how he'll ever carry on without him, Merlin takes a shuddering breath- a painful gasp of air, filling his lungs, as his heart starts to beat once more. Arthur slumps over his body, hands grasped tightly hold of Merlin's tunic in stark relief.

PS. Do check out [ profile] obliqueo's entry [ profile] merlin_horror entry Frost! It's a simple story that she illustrated from top to bottom children's storybook-style, and it stays true to canon but also reads like a Grimm's fairytale -- sort of subtly grotesque, and I feel like there's a moral in there somewhere. Her art is stunning, as usual -- go and give her some love! \o/ <3
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OMG, is it that time already? *ducks*

For[ profile] asya_ana's [ profile] merlin_horror fic, The Wild Hunt.

Title: The Wild Hunt
Artist: [ profile] mushroomtale
Prompt Number: 37
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Merlin x Arthur
Warnings: This illustration is a major spoiler in itself.
Summary: Arthur is filled with horror when the Wild Hunt appears on Samhain.

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On Tumblr and AO3.
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I don't know when everyone else is posting, but, uhmm... *looks around* Welcome to Day 1 of [ profile] merlin_horror! :':`:':` \o/ `:':`:': 

Merlin Horror Fic/Art Fest

Sorry, couldn't resist. XD I'm super looking forward to this fest! *clasps hands dramatically* I can't wait to see everyone else's works! <333

Actually quite nervous about posting since this not normally something I would draw. I was rather hoping... that my entry would get buried in a flurry of posts! Oh well, best get it over with. 

Read the warnings, Guys!

Title: Shattered
Artist: [ profile] mushroomtale
Beta: [ profile] asya_ana
Prompt Number: 28; Merlin would do anything for his king. Anything. Likes/Kinks: Psychological horror, creepiness, lots of plot, sex and violence; Dislikes/Squicks: None; Additional comments: None.
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Merlin x Arthur
Warnings: main character death, slight gore, blood
Summary: Merlin would do anything for his king. Anything... He never saw this coming.
Notes: Criminal Minds, that's why. You can essentially make up your own morbid back story for this. : ]

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Crossposted on Tumblr and AO3

PS. Have you guys seen S5.03 yet? Well, you know me, I don't really read too much into the show...

Suffice it to say that the amount of suspiciously kinky goings-on on the Merthur front effectively reduced me to a pillow-clutching, flaily thing by the end of the episode. Also, Uther's undead voice is so impossibly... sexy. Yes. I regret nothing.

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Title: Diamonds
Artist: [ profile] mushroomtale
Rating: G
Characters/relationships: Merlin, Aithusa
Content notes: Because S5.02.

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Crossposted on Tumblr.

Isn't it just so ridiculous that sometimes that despite the fact that you have everything you need, you can't stop yourself from wanting more, to be more? Chasing perfection (or your own interpretation) and all that. Right now my heart is having an existential crisis while my mind is sooo over it and I don't actually know what to feel. Gods.

I think maybe I should read some fic today. *sigh*

PS. Soul Dice just actually broke 1000 followers! \;o;/ <333
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Been feeling lethargic the past few days... Anyway, I'm here to drop off exactly one piece commissioned art: Rurik and Demyan for ~kittara-jaganshi

I'm under the cut! )

Uhmm, what else. *thinks*

As for S05.01! 

Basically, what everyone else thought.

Except for where I'm one of the people whose critical capabilities got shot to Merthur Heaven in the face of Merlin and Arthur's EPIC FRIENDSHIP!!! That scene where Merlin and Arthur were sleeping on the ground, I was like, omigod... because that's... isn't that... that's an exact carbon copy of how me and my bf huddle together when we sleep. Like, right down Merlin's right shoulder being half-tucked under Arthur's left arm. *smiles knowingly* Extremely happy to confirm that I'm the Merlin in the relationship. That is all.

Ah, and here's a list of all the upcoming Merlin fests that I know are posting soon (the ones I've joined are marked with an * ):

[ profile] merlinmpreg | 10.20 ONWARD 
[ profile] merlin_horror* | 10.22 ONWARD
[ profile] merlinbb_rpf* | 11.01 ONWARD
[ profile] merlinreversebb* (claims post) | 11.02
[ profile] uni_merlin | 11.22 ONWARD
[ profile] merlin_holidays* | 12.03 ONWARD 

Any others I've missed? Come on, let's get it on~~~
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I've finished the character profiles! Guys, meet the core cast of Tokimeki Encore (and their middle school counterparts).

Meanwhile, I've been making slow but steady progress with all my Merlin fest entries -- I believe I'll have posted four different sets by the first week of November. x;___;x Every now and then, I wonder if I'll burn out before finishing and just end up submitting whatever... You see, I'm using fanart to experiment with different art styles, including ones that I've never messed with before, and it's always ugh when you're struggling with entirely new level of technique... but, yeah, okay. *scrunched-up face and fist pump*

And, oh god. Is it really the last season of Merlin? I mean... S5 hasn't even started airing yet but already I'm having feelings of denial -- my fangirl heart goes 'no, no, nooo, please don't leave us' -- every time I scroll through my Flist. i___i

PSA. I've opened shop for commissioned artwork! Here's a list of styles I'm offering and some estimated quotes. If you're interested, or know people who might be interested, please don't hesitate to leave a message. Thanks for looking! <333
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Hey, Guys! Still working on prepaid internet here. I miss being online! I've been keeping up with your posts, though. <3

The Prima workshop went well! I have to thank my fellow speaker [ profile] osooso for metaphorically holding my hand under the table all throughout my part of the lecture. We were pooped after the workshop and I fell asleep right after getting home and only woke up the next morning.

But, really, I'm here to plug [ profile] jelazakazone's fic for this year's Pod Together Fest: The Girl in the Towerfor which I was invited to make a quick little cover art.

I'm under the cut! )

On AO3 (with title and credits).

PS. I'm also working on my entry for [ profile] merlin_horror! It's an all-out  illustration, a full-page spread, and it's not gory or scary, just... kind of... disturbing. I mean, I hope it is! And, I hope I am able to finish it on time.

PPS. Lastly, I have a [ profile] paperlegends rec: We Are All Diamonds by [ profile] loaded_march.

To summarize my feelings: everything I could ever ask for in a fic. I found the premise daunting at first, but only because it was bound to become angsty at some point... I was hooked all the same, and just from reading the summary. I've always felt that [ profile] loaded_march has a special and effective way of gradually pulling readers into her stories and keeping them there, and this one is no different. The writing style is sophisticated, and yet perfectly easy to read. And, the imagery! I just cannot wait to see the artwork by [ profile] greenclove.

The story switches back and forth between Merlin's and Arthur's POVs, but not once did I get confused, which is saying something since there are a lot of minor characters and I'm something of a scatterbrain -- I practically expect to get lost in descriptions, especially when reading giant fics! As for Arthur's and Merlin's insecurities, she makes it easy for someone who should not at all be able to relate to both their back stories, to do so. She also puts to light things that normal people would take for granted, such as how important it is to be able to hear in the dark when there is danger. There's also how Merlin's magic slowly grew out of his reach once he tipped from performing out of love to just plain working himself to death. Everything feels so real and makes so much sense... Also, just when you think the story is over... when you think it couldn't get any better... DAMN.

Needless to say, I read everything in one sitting. You couldn't keep me away even during meal times. I was watery eyed at more than one point... I'm wishing really hard that there was a paperback version so that I could buy it in the blink of an eye. I can't even try to sound professional right now. Just, it was FUCKING AMAZING on so many levels, okay. Go read it! <333

Congratulations on your first BB, Dear!!!!! *sends you love and flowers* <33333 
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Title: This Time Around
Artist: [ profile] mushroomtale
Prompter: [ profile] asya_ana
Prompt: Event: Fencing or Equestrian; Scenario: Reincarnation fic. Clearly Merlin and/or Arthur has a special advantage when it comes to these sports, having had so much experience with swords and horses. And something about his style is distinctively… old-fashioned, almost other worldly. The other character (who might be a fan, reporter, coach, or fellow participant) remembers their other life in Camelot and can’t help but wonder…
Pairing(s): Arthur / Merlin
Art Medium: Photoshop CS / Wacom Intuos
Rating: G
Warning(s): This may be the fastest I've ever finished a fanart. Also, I don't actually know anything about Equestrian.
Disclaimer: Merlin and the Olympics belong to their respective creaters. Any resemblance to real life people or events is accidental. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement of Merlin or the Olympics is intended.

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Crossposted on Tumblr.
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I finally caved and got prepaid broadband internet. *heavy sigh*

This is a mandatory plug for my workshop mid-August:

In celebration of International Women's Month (more or less five months late), Gunship Revolution will be serving up a very special Creation Live! this August with Prima, an workshop starring the amazing, talented women that keep Gunship Revolution from being a total all-boys club.

Do women in general necessarily have a different approach when it comes to art that sets them apart from men? If so, does this "woman's touch" figure into an artist's unique, personal styles? Can a guy truly master the art of romance manga or will that just be weird? We're going to explore these topics and more alongside a brisk, intensive course on illustrating and digital painting traditionally "feminine" styles - shoujo, cutesy and all points in between. Style, skill, and training are all universal of course so guys are definitely still welcome.

Headlining for this workshop are two of Gunship Revolution's leading ladies. Lynsley Brito, is certainly a name making waves on both sides of the Pacific. A student at China's prestigious Academy of Art in Hangzhou, she's quickly rising as one of the top Manga artists in America. Bridging that transcontinental distance is a very distinct style composed of lavish environmental detail, exquisite tone work and androgynous male characters with luxurious, shampoo-commercial hair. If you're even halfway familiar with the "yaoi" genre, you have most likely seen her work.

The second half of the seminar will be held by the incomparable Cristina Chua, a multimedia arts major whose vibrant coloring work and whimsical character designs never fail to cause jaws to drop. Ms. Chua is a consummate master of concept art and has done digital painting work on internationally distributed publications. She will be discussing her digital painting techniques, particularly the skills and stylistic inspiration that goes into her pieces.

For questions about Creation Live!, feel free to send them to us through the Creation Live! website. Prima will be held at Fully Booked High Street on August 18 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Special prizes and give-aways await the attendees such as original art prints, professional art tools and authentic digital copies of Smith Micro's premiere illustration program Manga Studio.

Extra preview:

I've been brainstorming... but seeing as my brain's fried, I think I'll just wallow in fics all night tonight. *pumps fist*
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Hey, Guys! I'm sooo busy with rush work these days that I haven't gotten the time to blog, but I'm here to remind you guys to Vote for Colin*! This poll is for the Bronze, and he's at 48.77% at the minute -- a great leap from what used to be an ominous 30-something% just a couple of days ago! *so proud of this fandom* Remember to vote as often as every 60 minutes if you can!

*UPDATED: Finals voting EXTENDED to Thursday, July 12 at 11 am ET.

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Based on Two Sides of the Same Coin, a drabble written by princessmelia.

Link train: LJ | Tumblr | AO3 | deviantART
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I’ve just submitted my last requirement. I’m now just waiting for the graduation ceremony, which is four weeks away. You know what that means… O___O

Art to-do list,

  • Tokimeki Encore [graphic novel] pilot (10 pp)
  • Soul Dice Act III [online comic] (21 pp)

and Merlin fanart to-do list.


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Guys! Drawble 6: Stigma now has a companion fic Smoke and Mirrors, written by [ profile] loaded_march.

Title: Smoke and Mirrors  (link goes to AO3)
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Word Count: 6,000
Summary: Merlin's magic has been revealed, and it has all gone wrong.  Arthur might hunt him, he might hate him, but Merlin can't help but protect him from afar.

I don't know how to say this, but... I am so humbled to think that my little drawble could have inspired something so beautifully written. ;___; The premise is the same, except it goes above and beyond everything I could have ever imagined. It will take you places. It is sad, and funny, and totally believable, and totally heartbreaking. I would lift a quote to put here, but I wouldn't know where to start! I only wish my drawble is worthy of such a fic. Please go read it! <333

PS. I regret to say that I won't be joining the Camelot Drabble challenge this week. It's my last week in college, and... these deadlines, is all. Fingers crossed!


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★ Hello! I'm Lyns, 23, animation graduate and freelance comicker, and I love BBC's Merlin. My fanarts are public, but work-related and personal entries are friends-only. If we have something in common and you want to be friends, please feel free to leave a comment on this entry, or PM me! :) :) :)

LINKS Dreamwidth | Merlin fanart Tumblr | AO3 | deviantART

Commission Information (OPEN)
Tradigital Manga-style Commissions | Illustration Commissions

Soul Dice online manga (ongoing) on Smackjeeves | MangaMagazine 

Given the choice, Lan would have served at the Goddess' temple for the rest his life. But, after a chance encounter with an injured and hungry stranger on a mission and another 24 hours in which his whole life is turned upside down, he finds that he doesn't have one.

Despite everything, adventure and bromance ensue.

Games with Me (complete) with Tina Anderson
Games with Me, Vol. 1 [digital graphic novel] on Kindle | NookBook | eManga
Games with Me, Vol. 2 [digital graphic novel] on Kindle | NookBook
Games with Me, Omnibus Edition [graphic novel] Amazon | Barnes & Noble

★ Tokimeki Encore [Original English Language manga]
Tokimeki Encore [graphic novel] pilot (10 pp)*

★ CAMELOT DRAWBLES for the weekly Merlin challenge comm [ profile] camelot_drabble
5: Prophecy | 6: Stigma (Fic: Smoke and Mirrors) | 7: Kin
10: Threads (Fic: King Without a Crown)

This Time Around (M x A) for [ profile] merlinolympics
The Girl in the Tower (Mithian x Morgana) for [ profile] pod_together (Fic / Podfic: The Girl in the Tower)
Shattered (M x A) for [ profile] merlin_horror (W: main character deathslight goreblood)
The Wild Hunt (M x A) for [ profile] merlin_horror (Fic: The Wild HuntW: illustration is a major spoiler in itself)
The Waiting That Happens In The Space Between (B x C) for [ profile] merlinbb_rpf (Fic: The Waiting...W: spoilers)

[ profile] merlin_holidays
[ profile] merlinreversebb

Sepia (various) based on screencaps from Merlin S1~S4 (set of 5)
Diamonds (Merlin, Aithusa) reaction to S5.02

Collab w/ [ profile] asya_ana
Collab w/ [info]loaded_march
Collab w/ [info]jelazakazone

Two Sides of the Same Coin (Merlin, Arthur, etc.) adapted from princessmelia's Centistories (5 pp)
Smoke and Mirrors project w/ [info]loaded_march (approx. 12 pp)
Haircut adapted from princessmelia's Centistories (5 pp)

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If you want to know the whole story, I invite you to read the 100-word drabble Tongue n' Trouble by the lovely princessmelia. <3

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Because withdrawals have nowhere else to go.

I’m not obsessed. Uhuh. Not one bit.

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